Diploma in Advertising

Diploma in Advertising
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If you are looking to develop your marketing skills and want to get the word out to expand your business prospects then this course is for you!.

Grab your customers’ attention with engaging advertising material that creates a persuasive and lasting impression. Add an inspirational shine to your skillset and take your brand or company to larger audiences.

Gain invaluable knowledge about the importance of advertising and learn how it can help you achieve greater sales success and watch your finances flourish.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

This engaging course consisting of 9 informative modules will expand your capabilities, so grab this opportunity and make the finest investment for yourself and your business.

Gain more from your time as you enjoy the flexibility of studying from anywhere at a time that best fits around your existing schedule.


This course will give you very useful background knowledge of the best ways of advertising and its’ benefits.

Explore different types of advertising and understand the reasons for it.

Establish what makes a “successful advertisement” and get to grips with advertising objectives.

Be able to recognise what makes consumers buy. Explore the various paper media, which is used in advertising, and discover how these influence the buyer.

Learn the benefits of "trade and technical press” to the small business. You will discover that direct targeting people in the same field/trade is more cost-effective and fruitful than general advertising.

Explore different types of advertising and understand the reasons for it.

Explore the different types of technical media and learn of the advantages and disadvantages. This will give you a better understanding of the importance of budgeting and costing considerations.

Realise where the opportunity is and evaluate “The media Plan”. Study why certain medium is preferred over the others and acquire skills to determine how a good campaign is designed to achieve the best return.

Understand what is meant by “good copy” and discover why typography" selection is an important feature in advertisements.

Get to grips with the small advertiser promotional materials or services, and look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a “direct mail” advertising strategy Learn about public relations and what it includes as well as establish the difference between Public Relations and Advertising.

Discover three of the most effective "Consumer Promotion Techniques"

Recognise the limitations behind certain types of advertising, analyse what areas, products, services are worthy of a press release and learn who to direct your press release to.


  • No pre-requisite
  • You will gain an endorsed Diploma
  • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere
  • At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice question assessment, which is a great way to help you remember the main points of each lesson and confirmation that you have retained the essential knowledge
  • Introduction to advertising
  • Advertising for the small business
  • Media Costs
  • Putting the advertisement together
  • The agency
  • Types of advertising Controls
  • Public relations
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