Become A Commercial Film Director

Become A Commercial Film Director
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Some courses instruct on specific aspects of a job, or programs you might need to use in that role. Others look at those dream jobs you’ve always wanted to do, and serve up a slice of insight so you can learn about the realities of the industry, and how you might be able to take a place in it. In this course you’ll find out more about the world of film, and how a commercial film director helps bring a story to the big screen. You’ll see the basics covered in a virtual classroom, and on-location via video, so you’ll see first-hand what a director does as a scene is being shot. With over five hours of course content, you’ll gain a good understanding of the production and editorial process, and what a film director does.

What Will I Learn?

As you work your way through the course modules you’ll find out about the artistic and dramatic aspects of the film that are under the director’s control. There’s also discussion on how the director guides technical crew and actors, his important role in choosing cast members, and the production design. As this is a creative and practical subject, you’ll also see some of the basics involved in directing, and view step-by-step the shooting of a scene. This means a reading of the script, blocking out a scene, lighting, camera angles, and more. Content covers both commercials and feature films.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is ideal for anyone with a strong interest in filmmaking and/or directing, especially those who would like to learn more about the role of a director and working behind the scenes in the industry. You could be a film club member, an aspiring independent filmmaker, or someone with experience in the wider movie or commercial industry who would like to work up to being a director, all have something to gain from this great value course. An understanding of some aspects of filming can be beneficial to getting the most from the content.


To learn more about the production and editorial process involved in making a film, and the role of a commercial film director. Modules include:

Introduction To Directing A Commercial

  • Evolution of film-making.
  • All the creative roles and art forms involved in films.
  • Breaking down a commercial from storyboard and budget through to execution and editing.
  • Explaining some of the terminology involved.
  • What is real and feasible on set and within budget.
  • A look at a standard budget form and the breakdown of a commercial budget.
  • Pre-production, shooting, location expenses, equipment, talent, post-production and elements of a budget.
  • Commercials that don’t have a story, and instead focus on a deal, emotion, or call to action.
  • Delve into framing and art direction

On Set Part 1

  • True to life example of an on-location table reading.
  • A look at the characters in the scene, where they will be, and what they will be doing.
  • The director’s role in portraying the visual aspects of the film.
  • Examining the different aspects of directing a screen, including lines of action, master shots and coverage angles.
  • Troubleshooting on-set with coverage and angles, challenges such as change in outside lighting from day to night.
  • Further coverage of directing a scene and the staged process of shooting camera angles.
  • A look at French overs (shooting over the back of people), and aspects of wardrobe & art direction.
  • Look at how to shoot in doorways.

On Set Part 2

  • A look at what’s involved in indoor and outdoor lighting of scenes, with examples.
  • Examine light sensitivity, and adjusting this on the camera.
  • A look at colour temperature – definition and the properties of a light source, and how this is applied in filmmaking.
  • Examining different camera lenses, and how to achieve ideal aperture and depth of field.

Editing A Commercial

  • Examining footage and choosing different takes to make the final edit.
  • A look at matching and jump shots in the final edit, and how they are used to create a seamless result.
  • Editing on Premiere Pro program.
  • The use of cutaway shots in a scene and how they can add impact.
  • Troubleshooting and ironing out mistakes in editing.
  • The importance of continuity.


  • Learn from an expert with a wealth of different filmmaking experience.
  • Clear explanations of terminology and the whys and hows of production and editing.
  • Videos of a real to life scene and the director’s role in bringing this to life.
  • An overview of all the aspects of directing from script and storyboard, to directing the actors and lighting considerations.
  • Easy to follow modules that you can work through at your own pace.
  • Make notes as you go and create your own course manual.
  • No entry requirements for this course, just a keen interest in filmmaking.
  • A flexible and affordable way to learn about commercial film directing.
  • Introduction to Directing a Commercial
  • On Set Part 1
  • On Set Part 2
  • Editing a Commercial
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