How to Become a Film or TV Casting Director

How to Become a Film or TV Casting Director
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If you have aspirations to become a casting director for TV or film, then this great-value online video course, led by an experienced actor, will be perfect for you. Casting directors play a key role in productions by working closely with the director and producer to understand and fulfil their casting requirements.

What Does This Involve?

A casting director has many responsibilities, including finding and discovering talent, making recommendations and organising and implementing auditions and casting sessions. Once a TV or film production is cast, he or she then oversees contracts and other negotiations, and works closely with the director and the actors’ agents.

How Does The Course Work?

Video-based eLearning is the perfect solution for busy people who wish to explore the world of casting directing in a time and place of their choosing. With a full year to complete the course content, there is ample time to complete the training and revisit video lessons whenever necessary.


Absorb and reflect on the 4.5 hours of entertaining and engaging video training to find out what it takes to succeed as a casting director.

  • Begin with the comprehensive introduction.
  • Find out what’s involved in the process of becoming a casting director.
  • Get insider tips on finding an acting studio.
  • Learn what’s involved in reading with actors and running an audition.
  • Discover the art of offers and deal-making.
  • Learn about the crucial value of relationship building.
  • Focus on the difference between getting a child and an adult into the business.
  • Get insider tips on getting to New York and LA.
  • Learn what to do once you have an audition.
  • Take a look at the roles of agents and managers.
  • Explore the influence of the digital world on the acting business.
  • Learn the pros and cons of IMDB and IMDB Pro and union and non-union.
  • Get to grips with headshots and resumes.
  • Focus on casting for TV and film.
  • Take a closer look at casting for studio and indie films.
  • Find out about the talent payment process.
  • Learn why it is crucially important to get organised.
  • Take a closer look at what a casting director actually is.
  • Focus on the process of auditioning to booking and completion.
  • Consolidate your new skills with the useful conclusion.


  • Technical support is available, should you encounter problems.
  • Enjoy the freedom to study on all your internet-enabled devices, 24/7.
  • Access to the high-quality training is for a full 12 months on signing up.
  • eLearning is an accessible and cost effective way to gain an insight into the world of casting directing.
  • Taking the course will equip you with some of the key skills you will need to succeed in the competitive world of casting directing.
  • Digital Influence
  • IMBD vs IMBDPro
  • Union vs Nonunion
  • Headshots and Resume
  • Headshots and Resume
  • Casting for Television
  • Casting for Film
  • Indie Films
  • Studio Films
  • Talent Payment
  • The Importance of Being Organized
  • What is a Casting Director
  • Process of Auditioning to Booking to Completion
  • Personal Story
  • Conclusion
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