Audition CC – Basics

Audition CC – Basics
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If you’re looking to create your own audio projects, this fantastic-value online short course is the perfect place to master the basics. Your experienced tutor will guide you through every step as you gain confidence with the internationally-renowned audio software Adobe Audition Creative Cloud.

What Will I Learn?

You’ll quickly go from complete beginner to a confident Audition CC user. You’ll get to grips with creating, editing and enhancing both single track and multitrack recordings. In order to achieve that, you’ll gain a good working knowledge of the workspace and how to set up your audio hardware as you start the exciting process of recording your own tracks. In addition, you’ll take a look at some of the basic editing tools in Audition CC like trimming audio tracks and creating fades.

How Does the Course Work?

All learning takes place online, meaning you are able to progress at your own pace and revisit areas of learning whenever and wherever you need to. The freedom to take control of the learning experience makes online study the perfect solution for busy professionals and students who need to fit gaining a new skillset around their existing commitments.


Work through the 23 minutes of fun and practical course content to get up and running with creating your own audio projects.

Getting Started

  • Enjoy an introduction to the course content.
  • Begin to familiarise yourself with the workspace.
  • Get to grips with setting the input and output.


  • Learn about opening an existing audio file.
  • Get to grips with moving the current time indicator.
  • Become familiar with the vertical ruler.
  • Find out what you need to know about using the zoom navigator and zoom tools.
  • Learn how to use the time selection tool.
  • Get confident when it comes to looping audio playback.

Recording Audio

  • Find out how to create a new file.
  • Get to grips with setting an input level.
  • Find out how to record an audio track.
  • Progress to re-recording audio.

Basic Audio Editing

  • Gain an understanding of the waveform.
  • Find out what you need to know about trimming audio tracks.
  • Learn how to delete audio.
  • Finally, complete your new skillset as you learn to create fades.


  • Study on all your internet-enabled devices whenever and wherever suits you best.
  • Technical support is on hand, should you encounter difficulties.
  • Online learning is both a cost and time effective way of learning a brand new skill.
  • Fit this short course in around your other commitments with ease.
  • Getting confident with the basics of Adobe Creative Cloud will unlock a wide range of exciting opportunities both at work and in your personal projects.
  • This short course is the ideal first step in your journey towards becoming a bona fide expert with Adobe CC.
  • Getting Started
  • Playback
  • Recording Audio
  • Basic Audio Editing
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Online Course
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1 Year
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Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
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