Romantic Writing Diploma

Romantic Writing Diploma
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If you’re a romantic fiction fan who thinks you’ve got what it takes to go from avid reader to successful author, then this online course is just what you need to make your romantic dreams a fantastic reality.

What Will I Get Out of the Course?

No matter how brilliant your creative ideas are, they’ll never become a published novel unless you develop the practical skills and self-discipline you need to make your book a reality. This course teaches you to do just that. Or if you possess the commitment required but need some help with your creative spark, the course also contains many elements to inspire you in the creative process.

Is the Course for Me?

There are no specific qualifications needed to embark on this diploma, however a keen interest in the genre of romantic fiction is a must. This needs to be coupled with a determination to devote the time needed to get your ideas out of your head and on to paper. The online nature of the learning means it’s easy to fit around existing commitments as you are free to study wherever and whenever you wish.

Key Learning Points

Progress through the 13 easy-to-access modules to learn all you need to know to turn your imaginative ideas into a successful novel.

  • Start with a comprehensive introduction to becoming a romance writer including a useful overview of the basics.
  • Find out what it takes to become a successful romance writer.
  • Tackle the crucial area of identifying your target audience and tailoring your story to their needs.
  • Get to grips with setting and how to write a gripping and engaging first page.
  • Learn how to write character profiles and create fantastic heroines and heroes that your audience will engage with and love.
  • Explore the important subject of how to create a brilliant plot that will drive your story forwards and pick up some hints and tips for successful plotting.
  • Find out how to create brilliant, believable back stories for your characters and how to weave them into your story seamlessly, with insights on how Harlequin editors work on this with their authors.
  • Tackle the subject of writing effective, flowing dialogue, with an emphasis on the romance genre.
  • Learn to banish self-doubt and progress in your writing with a growing sense of confidence and purpose.
  • Test your new skills with characterisation exercises, creative writing prompts, random idea generators and a lovers’ spat exercise.
  • Find out how to find your perfect match in an illustrator who will provide the classic elements you need for your book’s cover.

Advantages of the Course

  • Study the 15-20 hours of course content online, across all your devices at a time and in a place that suits you.
  • Enjoy 12 months access to the course content after you sign up.
  • Work at exactly the pace that suits you, with the freedom to revisit learning whenever you wish.
  • Consolidate your new skillset by completing the 30-question multiple-choice test on completion of the 13 modules.
  • Technical support is available, should you run into difficulties.
  • Success as an author requires commitment and a clear strategy as well as talent. This course is the best possible kick start for turning your ideas into tangible success.

Get ready to turn your dreams of romantic writing from fantasy to reality by enrolling on the Romantic Writing Diploma today!

This course is CPD certified.

Introduction to Becoming a Romance Writer
  • The basics of romance writing
  • An example of the typical romance novel outline
  • The essential elements of what being a romance writer involves
  • Suggestions about who might be interested in becoming a romance writer
What do you need to become a Romance Writer?
  • What tools you'll need to become a romance writer
  • What personal skills an aspiring romance writer should possess
  • The advantages and disadvantages or working from home as a writer
  • How to do the research and exercise your creativity on a regular basis
Be Guided by the Best – A Look at Successful Romance Writers
  • Heidi Rice, who went from romance reader to writer
  • Amanda Hocking, the self-publishing millionaire
  • Nicholas Sparks, the male romance writer
  • Danielle Steel, the bestselling author alive
Selecting a Demographic to Write for and Deciding on Your Specific Point of View
  • Sub-genres within the romance genre
  • Understanding demographics and statistics to really know your audience
  • Tips on how to identify who your target audience is
  • Beach reads - who will be after your steamy summer tale?
Overcoming the First Page and Establishing Your Story’s Setting
  • How to write a fabulous first page, with what you should include and leave out
  • Different approaches for your first chapter
  • Why the setting is so important
  • How important the setting is to your romance novel
Building Your Romance Story’s Characters
  • How to write a character profile
  • The key to knowing your characters
  • The heroine - the key to a great romance novel
  • How to create romantic heroes your readers will love
Planning Your Romance Story’s Plot
  • The role of plot within your story
  • How to plot your romance novel
  • Common romance novel plot attributes
  • Fabulous plot ideas to get you fired up and ready to write
Using a Backstory without Being Boring
  • What exactly is backstory?
  • The most important tip for creating an interesting backstory
  • How to weave backstory smoothly into your romance novel
  • How Harlequin Romance editors work on backstory with authors
Writing Dialogue to Keep Your Story Flowing
  • Some essential dialogue writing tips
  • Writer's Digest's tools of dialogue
  • How to make your dialogue seem more organic
  • Writing romantic dialogue
Improving Confidence and Sense of Purpose
  • How to build your writing confidence
  • Secrets for writing with confidence
  • How to overcome writer's doubt
  • Tips for writing with a sense of purpose
Practical Writing Exercises in the Romance Writing Niche
  • The lover's spat exercise
  • Writing from random idea generators
  • Creative writing prompts for romance novels
  • Characterisation exercises for romance writers
Illustrating Your Romance Writing and Working with Illustrators
  • Why genre is the most important consideration when choosing an illustrator
  • How authors can work successfully with cover illustrators
  • Where you can find an illustrator
  • The essential elements needed in a classic romance novel cover
Dealing with Publishers and Selling Your Romance Story
  • The basics of submitting your work to Mills and Boon
  • The basics of submitting your work to Harlequin
  • Whether you should consider the self-publishing route
  • What to do if you get rejected
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