So You’ve Always Wanted To Write A Novel?

So You’ve Always Wanted To Write A Novel?
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There’s a well-used saying that goes, ‘there’s a book in everyone’. That may be true but what do you want to say, and how are you going to bring your ideas to life? If you’ve always wanted to write a novel, you’ll know that a great idea is just the start, and some guidance will help you turn your great idea into a finished story. This course is a great introduction into the world of novel writing and will guide you through the entire writing process.

What Will I Learn On This Course?

This course gives an introduction and overview into different aspects of the novel writing process. You can expect to learn more about how to get started on your writing journey, figuring out the type of novel you want to write, and choosing your target audience. You’ll also look at outlining your novel, plot details and characters, and what goes into editing and proof reading when you’ve finished writing. The course will end with a look at where to sell your work and how to get published.

Who Is This Course Aimed At?

This course is best described as a beginner or entry level e-learning program, so it’s ideal for someone with limited experience of creative writing, or who hasn’t written a novel before. If you have a keen interest in the writing process and would like some guidance on writing and editing a novel then this course, led by an expert tutor, can deliver.


Work your way through the seven part video series and gain an understanding of the process involved in bringing your ideas to life as a novel. Some points covered include:

  • A look at the basics, and how to get started writing a novel.
  • The importance of writing what you know and your own life experience.
  • Expanding on small pieces of information to start off a novel.
  • Filling in some backstory, and starting to create character profiles.
  • The types of research you may need to do for your novel, such as interviewing those with first-hand experience.
  • How many words should you aim for, for a mass market appeal novel?
  • Interaction between your main characters, and the creation of a villain.
  • A look at mystery, suspense, and romance in writing, to help you decide what type of novel to write.
  • Insight into the writing experience, and discovering how and when you write best.
  • First drafts and outlines.
  • The role of an editor and how they will help story development.
  • Essential tools for any novelist.
  • How the specifics make a difference in a story.
  • All the questions you need to answer about your characters and their background.
  • Building character relationships and how to plan and track conflict or key moments.
  • What to look for as you being to re-write your draft.
  • Safeguarding your work, and ISBN numbers for published work.
  • Traditional publishing vs e-books, and resources to help with each.
  • Why you should invest in a book on how to find a literary agent.
  • Practical considerations of self-publishing.
  • Marketing of a published novel.
  • A look at print on demand publishers.


  • Learn from an expert tutor with a wealth of writing experience and seven novels under their belt.
  • No entry requirements needed, just a strong interest in creative writing.
  • Log-on and study at a time to suit you.
  • Flexible learning to fit around everyday life.
  • Gain or give support through the online learning community.
  • Put a range of practical tips into practise and apply them to your own ideas.
  • Study wherever you are, with a compatible device and internet access.
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